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I can honestly say that I am the person who never works a day in her life because I LOVE my job so much! I'm obsessed with my couples and their love stories - It is the most important thing for me that I get the opportunity to capture memories you can look back on for the rest of your lives and get all of the nostalgia feels!

I can't help but want to travel the world. I've been to a bunch of different places which has given me the opportunity to photograph culture and beautiful couples. Traveling with fun people will always be a good idea. And I can't believe I get do it with friends I have met through the power of photographing their relationships.

Most days you can find me hanging out at the dog park, editing in my office or scoping out flight prices to get a SWEET deal on my next adventure. I like be in the wild and exploring new places any chance I get!

Hey Babes, it's Maria here!

I also thought it would be fun to introduce my main supporter + better half, Alex! We are the type of couple that spends every minute together but never gets sick of each other. We love adventure, so you can always find us planning our next trip (where to next?) and we get overly excited when we get to attend the same wedding together - because oh, did I mention, he runs a super cool DJ company called                           When we get to see each other for the first time all day, don't be shocked to see us smiling like goons across the room! Aha!  
Oh! Want to know something else? I own a little online shop called                                      It is a velvet ring box company where you can have an aesthetic ring box for your stunning engagement ring or for photographers to bring along on wedding days when they photograph detail photos!

Taking the knowledge I have attained over the years and passing it onto other passionate souls makes my heart SO happy. I want to be able to serve you in any way that I can and be the most open book, I want to teach you EVERY. SINGLE. SECRET. I have to help YOU succeed. #communityovercompetition

I offer in-person + FaceTime mentoring sessions for entrepreneurs and photographers.

I am also an educator!

AK Productions!?

The Little

Rock Box !


And I want to know more about YOU and YOUR LOVE STORY! Let's chat! 

I know I know - A LOT of info about me! 

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